May 09 2014

Become a Qualified Student

Category: EducationDave @ 10:48 am

student aBecoming a qualified student is not easy because you need to undergo a long enough process. You also need to compete with other students as well as possible. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot be a qualified student. To realize your dream, you need to do the tips below:

Have good attitude. Yup, having good attitude makes you better. This helps you able to manage your time and control desire well, so you can do your daily activities and responsibilities optimally. What if get difficulty in adapting yourself to show good attitude? Never give up and do your best. In the long run, you will enjoy doing it.    

Be ‘greedy’ to get new knowledge and skill. Don’t count too much on your current capability! You must continue getting new knowledge and skill, so you don’t fall behind from others. How? Read more books and eBooks, study together with smart friends, take additional courses, and follow education seminars. Besides, you are highly recommended to visit Aquarius Learning to get more information about self-development.

Obey school rules well. Becoming a qualified student you also need to keep your image. For this, obey all school rules well, so you don’t need to bother yourself with detention or other punishments.

Hopefully, after reading this, you get an overview why your parents don’t allow you to study abroad as we discussed on previous article. Or may be, it’s just their budget isn’t enough yet to send you to  your dream college.

In addition, when getting school assignments, you have to do those tasks as well as you can so you can get good grade. If you succeed to have good attitude, capability, image, and academic achievement, undoubtedly, you are a qualified student. Good luck. :)

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Apr 22 2014

Reasons Why Parents Ban Teens to Study Overseas

Category: EducationDaniella @ 9:23 am

overprotective parents2Quarry didn’t let me go with a man for a romantic date before 17. A whole lot worse, my dad and cousin don’t permit their kids to kuliah ke Singapore. For the latter instance, what’re the reasons? The majority of you may think that parents should enable kids to pursue their training internationally, but why some parents don’t? Listed here are the most typical factors:

Monetary issue is just a typical reason parents need their kids to remain and quit thinking to review abroad. They may be uncertain they will pay all the requirements of children for learning and living. This Really Is sensible enough.

Parents fear so much the results of social environment internationally. If they’re from parents kids is likely to be missing of control and guidance. Hence, there’s no need certainly to wonder why your father and mother don’t permit you to study-abroad. Interpersonal atmosphere can definitely affect your lifetime whether to become better or worse.

Parents simply can’t be a long way away from kids. This Really Is it. The key reason may be the proven fact that many parents feel poor to reside a long way away from their family members. Possibly, while they study parents don’t desire to be absent kids. Parents will also be reluctant to invest the full time without kids because they used-to.

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Apr 21 2014

Forex vs. Property Investment

Category: InvestmentNovita @ 4:03 am

Bright future can be described as a puzzle. That is, when we do not know the tricks and puzzles are a perfect strategy would not be obtained. So even with a bright future, when we are not setting the pace and strategy, the future will be much brighter than expected.

Want to get a bright future? Invest. Investment is a step that you can choose to be able to develop in order to make a useful financial, able to meet the needs and desires, as well as to improve the standard of living in the future.

Investment what to choose? Forex and properties you can consider. By the way, which one is better? Quoted from several sources, the following advantages and drawbacks of each investment.

Forex vs PropertyCapital

When viewed in terms of capital, forex generally superior. Why? To trade forex, you do not need to spend a large capital only to have $ 100 you can trade forex online. If the property, you have to spend capital would be greater. Although it could be a credit to get it, but still you have to have a down payment of 30% of the total price of the property.


In fact, inflation is one of the factors that influence the exchange of foreign currency while the property is essentially not affected by the rate of inflation. Therefore, the fact that home prices over time will increase.


When trading forex, you will easily make the buying and selling foreign currencies for profit. But in contrast with properties that cannot be bought or sold in a fast, concise, and easy. There are many processes and steps that need to be traversed.

Just a suggestion, if you are interested to make real forex trading account first through broker forex terpercaya here.

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Mar 20 2014

Wish To Study Abroad? Select LSC London

Category: Study AbroadVita @ 7:43 am

Providing satisfaction, acquire language skills, possess a broad community of friends who’re a few of the benefits study-abroad. About The other hand, helps operating thank you ahead of time organization in the United Kingdom is also the benefit that you can hand-held.

Study Abroad2How will you involved to review overseas? In that case, it’d not hurt if you think about their studies at LSC Indonesia. Why? Listed here is why:

  1. Power of the strong. Skilled faculty is provided by LSC from academic to professional professionals, to become more competent individuals.
  2. Time program very brief. The purpose? For the S2 is pretty much about 12 weeks, yes, to accomplish your S1 just requires roughly 2 years, and for S3 you are able to move in a period of time of 3 years. Fascinating isn’t it?
  3. Costs are fairly cheap. Are you able to ensure that tuition is offered by this college significantly more than other colleges in the United Kingdom? How? For people of Indonesia, since you will see a unique price offer the overall game listing to LSC.
  4. Could easily get a job after graduation. When you have graduated from this university easy to get a job are likely to be obtained. It can be seen from the previous LSC graduates who have worked in leading companies bleak Barclay Bank, Unilever, and so forth.


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Mar 14 2014

Seminyak Isn’t a Suitable Destination if You…

Category: HolidayDaniella @ 10:58 am

don;tThere are several tourist areas in Bali you can visit during holiday. Denpasar, Kuta, Uluwatu, Ubud, Lovina, Nusa Dua, and Seminyak are only some great places of interest. By the way, are you keen on traveling in Seminyak. Well, before you go to Seminyak, you should know that this tourist area is probably not suitable if you:

Want to surf

Most tourists think that they can do any watersport in any place in Bali. The fact isn’t so. Seminyak beach itself is only perfect for seeing sunset and swimming. Meanwhile if you want to enjoy surfing, whether you are a beginner or professional, it’s better to go to Kuta or Legian. Seminyak is not a great place for surfing due to the waves, environment, and weather. Don’t expect that you will get memorable surfing experiences in Seminyak.

Are on a tight budget

An important thing you should consider before traveling somewhere is about the cost of living and entertainment in your area. If you’re on a tight budget, you should visit Seminyak next time. Why? That’s because everything in Seminyak is much more expensive than any place in Bali as mentioned in the first paragraph. You’ll find food, clothes, and souvenirs that cost higher in Seminyak. Moreover, if you want to try bungee jumping, it charges up to $89 per action. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry. Just see our unbeatable offer if you want to go to Seminyak with limited budget.

To sum up, you can actually have fun in Seminyak by having much money and without surfing.

Or else, you can go to Lombok and enjoy Malimbu beach :)

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Mar 03 2014

Buying Chocolates for Valentine’s Day on Flower Advisor

Category: ChocolatesVita @ 9:10 am

chocolateValentine’s Day is getting close to it, whether you have prepared a gift for your partner? If not, it never hurts to choose chocolate as a reward. I recommend buying chocolate from Flower Advisor or Singapore website. Why is that?

Because, in Flower Advisor you will find delicious chocolates with a unique and attractive packaging. Here are some of the chocolates being offered in this online store:

  • Express Love. You can give your partner 12 cupcakes with a choice of chocolate or vanilla flavor. For pricing, approximately SGD 58.
  • Sweet Decadence. You can also provide 12 chocolates with various shapes placed in a box. The price? You can buy it at a price of approximately SGD 66.
  • Magnificent Love. Magnificent Love is a round shaped chocolates wrapped in gold paper and stalk. This chocolate shaped like a flower bouquet. You can get chocolate bouquet is priced at SGD 83.
  • Sweet Surprise. You can also choose to offer Sweet Surprise fare about SGD 83. Sweet Surprise is in a pretty basket of chocolate combined with a bunch of flowers.
  • Sweet Berries. Not only that, you also can give your partner Sweet Berries. Sweet berries are decorated with floral fabric basket containing chocolates and sweets that surround the teddy bear.
  • Celebrate Love. You can also celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner with Celebrate Love which is a cake in a 12 chocolate cupcake on which it is decorated. Interestingly, the chocolate cake at SGD 102 can be ordered according to the theme you want.
  • Party Pack. Basket containing chocolates, cookies, nuts, and pink cocktails costing approximately SGD 103 can also provide.


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Feb 25 2014

Types of Meeting Room

Category: Meeting RoomVita @ 5:50 am

Meeting RoomMeeting rooms in an office can be said to be an important element. This is not because the function meeting rooms that are so needed. Whether it’s for just brainstorming with employees, discuss the achievement of targets, discuss the performance of employees, discuss problems that occur in the company, as well as to discuss project with clients.

Talk about meeting room, quoted from several sources generally there are several types of meeting rooms. What are the types? Find the answer below.

  • U-shape. As the name implies, the U -shaped meeting room is a meeting room which has a U-shaped table In other words, participants were on the left and right while in the center is filled by the top brass of the company concerned. Type of meeting space allows and encourages open discussion meeting participants. Generally, meeting participants up to 20 people.
  • Board room. Board meeting room is a room that has a rectangular table. For meeting participants can reach 20 people, generally located on each side of the table. Generally this type is suitable for formal meetings.
  • Bilateral. Type a bilateral meeting could be characterized from the table that resembles the shape of the number 11 means, elongated conference table on the right side and left alone. Type of meeting space is generally for up to 20 people.
  • Block table. Block table is a meeting room that feels very fitting for a joint meeting with colleagues or business associates. Usually this table block for a capacity of 10 people( 5 on each side of the right and left) to make it more comfortable.
  • Theater style. You could say the type of theater style meeting or presentation is intended for professionals with a capacity of over 300 people.



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Oct 01 2013

Tempat Bersejarah di Lampung

Category: Lampung,LiburanUcup @ 10:58 am

situs Taman Purbakala Pugung RaharjoPenyuka liburan bernuansa sejarah? Anda bisa ke Lampung. Di sana terdapat banyak sekali tempat bersejarah. Sebagai informasi, jika ke Lampung nanti, anda bisa menginap di Sheraton Lampung Hotel. Belum tahu soal hotel ini? Baca lebih lanjut di sini. Lalu, Sembari menginap di hotel ini, anda bisa mampir ke tempat sejarah yang akan saya rekomendasikan:

Anda bisa ke Taman Purbakala Pugung Raharjo yang terletak di desa Pugung Raharjo, Lampung Timur; kalau dari Bandar Lampung berjarak 52 KM. Taman ini merupakan sebuah situs arkeologi seluas 30 hektar. Ada banyak sekali peninggalan sejarah yang sangat menarik di sana. Karena area ini berbentuk taman, akan anda rasakan kesejukan saat berkunjung ke sana.

Ada juga Taman Dipangga yang berada di Teluk Betung. Apa yang ada di taman ini? Monumen Krakatau. Menurut cerita, lampu mercusuar terdampar ke tempat ini saat terjadilnya tragedi Krakatau, itulah monumen Krakatau yang ada sekarang.

Selain itu, masih ada museum Lampung, Gereja GPIB Marturia, Masjid Al-anwar, dll.


Sep 18 2013

Panorama Pantai Malimbu

Category: Lombok,Wisata BahariVita @ 8:25 am

pantai malimbuUntuk dapat memaksimalkan liburan Anda di Lombok, ada baiknya Anda menginap di salah satu Lombok Villas. Mengapa? Karena waktu satu hari untuk mengunjungi Lombok rasanya tidak cukup. Pasalnya, ada beberapa tempat wisata eksotis dan mempesona yang patut Anda kunjungi. Salah satu tempat wisata yang eksotis di Lombok yakni Pantai Malimbu.

Pantai Malimbu adalah pantai yang berada di sebelah utara Pantai Senggigi atau bisa dicapai sekitar 5 km dari Pantai Senggigi. Pantai Malimbu juga bisa ditempuh dengan melakukan perjalanan laut sekitar 2 jam dari pelabuhan Lembar, Lombok.

Pantai Malimbu ini bercirikan pasir yang tidak begitu putih atau berwarna abu-abu, dikelilingi oleh pagar pegunungan dan pehohonan nan hijau, serta alunan musik alami dari ombak yang begitu gagahnya.

Keindahan Malimbu tidak hanya bisa dinikmati dari tepi pantai saja. Pasalnya, ada sebagian para pelancong yang lebih suka menyaksikan panorama Malimbu dari atas bukit atau di pinggir jalan tikungan. Apalagi jika pada pagi hari, bukit Malimbu dijadikan sebagai spot fotografi yang paling menarik.

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Sep 17 2013

Ingin Menjadi Desainer Fashion?

Category: KarirDaniella @ 7:34 am

fashion designer3Setiap manusia pastinya mempunyai tujuan hidup dan cita-cita masing yang didasarkan kuat oleh minat dan kemampuan yang ia punya. Nah, apakah Anda tertarik untuk berkarir di bidang fashion dan memang mempunyai bakat di sana? Fashion designer  mungkin bisa menjadi jenjang karir pilihan Anda. Langkah-langkah berikut harus Anda lalui untuk mulai menggapai impian Anda:

  • Pertajam kemampuan. Meski Anda sudah cukup yakin dengan kemampuan yang dimiliki dan sudah lulus SMA, ada baiknya untuk mengasah lagi skill tersebut. Lanjutkan ke pendidikan tinggi di bidang menjahit atau fashion design. Di samping itu, ikuti program magang dan ikuti seminar bisnis fashion.
  • Buat rencana bisnis. Selanjutnya, rencanakan bisnis yang akan Anda jalani ini. Dimulai dari pendeskripsian produk yang akan diproduksi dan dijual secara detail. Apakah tas wanita atau tas pria? Apakah pakaian untuk orang dewasa atau anak-anak? Selain produk, hal yang harus direncanakan adalah strategi promosi, lokasi, dan pendanaan.
  • Ciptakan portfolio. Dalam bisnis, portfolio adalah hasil kerja atau kegiatan dalam bisnis yang digeluti. Bagi fashion designer,  portfolio adalah kumpulan-kumpulan sketsa atau barang jadi yang telah dihasilkan. Ini penting untuk membangun kepercayaan konsumen.

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